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A quick guide to fixing pool problems such as cloudy water, unpleasant odours and algae

When bees and bugs get tired, they need a place to put all six of their feet up, lay some eggs and recharge their fuzzy little batteries

From invasive plants and bare patches in the lawn to a rotten fence post, your garden issues are sorted

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Install a sliding screen to conceal wheelie bins in the backyard

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Build A Poker Table
Made entirely from MDF this lightweight table is designed for a maximum of six players. Compact and portable the table has a hexagonal top and removable legs so you can flat-pack it for storage. The hexagon is marked on the tabletop using a compass...



Designing and building a deck as a DIY project is straightforward. Most decks are a simple arrangement of posts or piers supporting bearers and...


Install A Greenhouse
Would you like to have your seedlings ready to plant as soon as the cold weather passes or be able to strike cuttings and grow them with ease? All of this and more is possible if you install a greenhouse. While many gardeners...