13 Automotive Handy Hints

Working on a vehicle can be intimidating for non-mechanic types, but some tasks are very easy to do yourself.

The following 13 handy hints will help you complete automotive maintenance and small fixes with ease.

1. Chalk Marker Under Hood
1. Chalk Marker Under Hood
The Family Handyman

Car maintenance is important, but it’s often overlooked unless you write down when certain tasks need to get done. This hint will help!

If you have a vehicle with a large, exposed air filter cover that’s flat, like the one on my truck, you can use a chalk marker to write important information about when you last changed the oil, air filter, spark plug, etc.

The marker I used is the kind that requires ammonia-based cleaner (such as Windex) to clean it off, so any water that splashes into the engine compartment won’t erase it. If you’re like me and always forget to write this information in the car manual, this tip will remind you every time you pop the hood. — Hank Huff

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