15 Thrifty Last-Minute Christmas Decorating Ideas

15 Thrifty Last-Minute Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas is barely a week away. You have guests coming over and would like to give the house some added flair but cannot justify the expense or be asked to brave the shops again. Plus the kids are now on holidays and you need to find ways to occupy them. 

Well never fear, Handyman is here! In this blog we list 15 Thrifty Last-Minute Christmas Decorating Ideas. Most of these mini projects can be made with items you already have in your home like leftover gift ribbon and ornaments and all them are suitable to make with kids! 

Happy DIY-ing!

1. Create A Christmas Centrepiece Using Mini Terracotta Pots 

Turn terracotta pots into a mini Christmas tree for display indoors or out in the garden

2. Turn Terracotta Pots Into Christmas Trees 

terracotta pot christmas tree, handyman magazine
Turn terracotta pots into a mini Christmas tree for display indoors or out in the garden

3. Unique Christmas Place Card Idea 

unique christmas placecard idea, handyman magazine,
Add an element of surprise to a traditional table setting by using pinecones 

4. Make An Ornament Wreath 

make an ornament wreath , handyman magazine,
Use ball ornaments to create a decorative Christmas wreath 

5. Festive Vase Fillers 

festive vase fillers, handyman magazine,
Fill vases with something other than flowers this festive season 

6. Make A Frosted Christmas Candle Light 

make a frosted christmas candle light, handyman magazine,
Decorate the house with these frosted Christmas candle lights 

7. How To Make A Christmas Tree Made Of Ribbon 

ribbon tree, handyman magazine,
Learn how to use ribbon to create a mini Christmas tree decoration 

8. Make A Centrepiece Using Christmas Ornaments 

make a centrepiece using christmas ornaments, handyman magazine,
This centrepiece is low-key and can be put together in minutes 

9. Use Christmas Ornaments As Napkin Rings 

use christmas ornaments as napkin rings, handyman magazine,
Not only do they adorn your tree, ornaments can also be used as festive napkin rings and party favours

10. How To Make A Fluffy Sheep Ornament 

How To Make A Fluffy Sheep Ornament, handyman magazine,
Add this super-cute DIY sheep ornament to your Christmas tree

11. Use Santa Hats As Christmas Stockings 

use santa hats as christmas stockings, handyman magazine,
Use santa hats as Christmas stockings 

12. Make A Christmas Tree Made Of Baubles

make a christmas tree made of baubles, handyman magazine,
Create a novelty Christmas tree decoration using ball ornaments and a picture frame 

13. Festive Photo Display 

festive photo display,
Liven up your wall space with this festive display

14. Turn A Colander Into A Centrepiece

turn a colander into a centrepiece, handyman magazine,

With a little imagination and creativity, everyday items can be turned into unique decorations 

15. Make A Wreath Made Of Twine 

<img alt="twine wreath, handyman magazine, " data-cke-saved-src="/sites/default/files/article_up/twine-wreath-small_1.jpg" src="/sites/default/files/article_up/twine-wreath-small_1.jpg" style="width: />
Make a colourful wreath to hang on an internal door by decorating a foam ring with balls of twine

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