28 Ways To Reuse Glass Jars

28 Ways To Reuse Glass Jars

Do you reuse glass jars? Glass jars are extremely versatile items that come in handy around the home and garden.
In this blog we list 28 clever ways you can reuse glass jars (don’t worry, salad in a jar is not an included suggestion).

How to prepare glass jars for reuse

Don’t let sticky labels and stubborn food remnants deter you from reusing glass jars. Put them in a bowl of boiling water and let them soak for a few hours or even overnight. Once done soaking, labels will be easy to remove and any remaining gunk should be easily sorted with a quick wash.
If you want to use glass jars to store food items, sterilise them after cleaning.
Now without further ado, here is our list of 28 handy ways you can reuse a glass jar.

1. Store herbs and spices 

Glass jars are perfect for storing herbs and spices as they seal tightly, helping keep seasonings fresh.  Glass jars are also easy to organise, especially if you use a number in the same size. One idea is to store glass jars filled with herbs and spices inside a kitchen drawer. Label the lid of the jar so items can be quickly identified.
You can also build a custom spice shelf.

store spices in jars, handyman magazine,

Click here to learn how to Build A Floating Spice Shelf 


2. Make DIY lanterns

Create a DIY lantern using leftover glass jars. Simply insert a tealight or pillar candle inside a glass jar, light it and voila! You have a lantern. Take things up a notch by adding sand or tiny rocks to the bottom of the jar and tie twine or ribbon around the outside.

DIY lantern, handyman magazine,
Tie twine or ribbon on the outside of your DIY lantern 

tealight in glass jar, handyman magzine,
Add gravel or stones to the base of your latern 


3.  Carry soup with no spills

Forget Tupperware. Glass jars are the best containers to use for carrying runny foods like soup and stew. Use them to carry soup or stew to work, or to store said foods in the freezer. 

store soup in a jar, handyman magazine,
Store soup and other liquids in glass jars for freezing

4. Keep buttons organised 

Buttons are notorious for popping up, solo, all over the home. Keep them in one place by storing them in glass jars.

store buttons in glass jars, handyman magazine,
Keep spare buttons in glass jars 

5. Protect fruit trees from birds 

To protect fruit trees, you can cover them with bird netting, available from hardware stores. To support the bird netting, drive four stakes into the ground around the perimeter of the tree. Put a glass jar on top of each stake to prevent the stake from poking through the holes in the netting, then drape the netting over the stakes so it rests on the top of the glass jars.

Learn more about how to protect fruit trees from birds 

6. Access makeup brushes easily 

Make it easier access makeup brushes at home by storing them in glass jars. Grabbing the right brush will be as easy as reaching over and plucking it out of the jar.

7. Prepare and store salad dressing

Nothing tastes better than salad dressing made from scratch and nothing is easier than using a glass jar to make salad dressing. The key to a great dressing is adequate mixing, so all the flavours are blended into a delicious final product. When you use a glass jar to make dressing, mixing is made easy. All you need to do is secure the lid and shake vigorously. No need to decant leftovers since the jar also serves as a storage container.

salad dressing in a jar, handyman magazine,
 Glass jars are ideal for storing salad dressing whether you are eating at home or outdoors


8. Thrifty toothbrush and toothpaste holder

Glass toothbrush holders can cost as much as $50. Glass jars may not be as eye catching or as fancy, but they do the job just as well and are a great budget-friendly option.


9. Store hand tools in the workshop 

Keep the workshop organised by using glass jars to store hand tools. They will be easier to access than if they were jumbled up in a drawer.

use jars to store handtools, handyman magazine,
Reuse glass jars by using them to store hand tools 


10. Preserve leftover paint

Even the smallest amount of leftover paint can be salvaged. If there is a small amount of paint left in a can, decant it into a glass jar for storing. Using glass jars will save space and keep paint fresh.

11. Infuse your own olive oil

Infused olive oil is incredibly easy to prepare, however it is essential to use a container with a tight fitting lid, which makes glass jars perfect for such an endeavour. 
If you are new to infusing oils try a classic combination like basil and garlic or mint and lemon.

12.  DIY money box 

Turn a leftover glass jar into a money box. Cut a hole in the lid to create a slot or just leave off the lid completely. If you don’t like the idea of being able to see how much money you are stashing away, paint the jar before using.

money in a jar, handyman magazine,
Turn a glass jar into a money box

13. Collect and display seashells 

Don’t know what to do with all the seashells collected on your last family holiday? Store and display them in glass jars! Simply add sand and then arrange the shells to your liking. These displays work particularly well in bathrooms.

sea shells in a glass jar, handyman magazine,
Use glass jars to display sea shells 


14. Store cotton buds and wipes 

Cotton buds and wipes are cheaper bought in bulk but it’s not ideal to have a huge packet of cotton buds in the bathroom cabinet. Use glass jars to store cotton buds and wipes in bathrooms and bedrooms, topping up from your main stash when needed. 

cotton buds in jar, handyman magazine,
Store cotton buds in glass jars 

15. Make a mobile terrarium 

Turn a glass jar into a beautiful living display by creating a terrarium. The basic supplies you need to make a terrarium are rocks, charcoal, soil, plants and, in this case, a glass jar. Lay the rocks, sprinkle the charcoal, add the soil and then plant away. It’s that easy.

The benefit of creating a terrarium in a glass jar is that you can move it around with ease, even using it as a roving centrepiece for indoor and outdoor tables.

terrarium in a glass jar, handyman magazine,
Turn a glass jar into a beautiful living display by creating a terrarium


16. Organise grains and legumes 

It can be difficult to pour grains and legumes out of the plastic packaging they are sold in. Transferring them to glass jars will make cooking and storage easier. 

grains and legumes in glass jars, handyman magazine,
Use glass jars to store grains and legumes

17. Make your own pickles 

Homemade pickles are very easy to prepare and do not require specialty jars. Almost any sterilised, clean and dry glass jar can be used in a pickling recipe.
If you are novice, start with a simple recipe for bread and butter pickles.


18. Recycled stationery holder 

Keep desk areas tidier for less by using glass jars as stationery holders. Glass jars are particularly great for storing coloured pencils as you can easily find the colour you are looking for. Kids in particular will be more likely to use one pencil at a time rather than emptying an entire pencil collection onto their work surface. 

pencils in jars, handyman magazine,
Turn a glass jar into a stationery holder 

19.  Sewing kit storage 

Use glass jars to store sewing kit essentials like needles, threads, thimbles and stray buttons. 

sewing kit in a jar, handyman magazine,
Store sewing essentials in glass jars 

20. Store and display lollies 

Why buy a lolly jar when a recycled glass jar achieves the same result? Use glass jars to store lollies for personal use or tie a ribbon around them and hand them out at as gifts at parties. 

store and display lollies in glass jars,
Hand out lollies in glass jars instead of gift bags at parties 


21. Grow your own sprouts 

Use a glass jar to grow your own sprouts for eating. To sprout your own seeds you need a wide mouth jar, mesh and seeds. Popular sprouts include alfalfa and mung beans but you can also sprout vegies like lentils, peas and broccoli.

sprouts in a jar, handyman magazine,
To sprout your own seeds you need a wide mouth jar, mesh and seeds


22. Arrange and display flowers

Larger glass jars work very well as vases. Use them to create floral displays inside and outdoors and to share cuttings with family and friends.

turn a glass jar into a vase, handyman magazine,
Create a floral display using glass jars 


23. Make your own jam

It’s easy to find jam in flavours like strawberry, apricot and raspberry. It can be harder to find selections like fig, date and passionfruit and when you do find them, they are often more expensive. Making your own jam is cost-effective and easier than you might think.

passionfruit jam, handyman magazine,

Click here to get this recipe for passionfruit jam 


24. Keep nuts fresh 

Use glass jars to store and organise nuts in the pantry. The tight seal will keep nuts fresher for longer.

store nuts in glass jars,
Use glass jars to store and organise nuts 


25. Store weights for blind baking 

Ceramic pie weights for blind baking pastry are easy to lose track of. Use glass jars for effective storage. Make sure you label the jar clearly so no one confuses them with edible objects.

26. Collect ceramic for mosaic displays 

A fan of mosaic displays? Use glass jars to collect fragments of ceramic, coloured glass, stone and so on, until you have enough material for a display.

27. Store spare screws, nuts and bolts

Use glass jars to keep spare screws, nuts and bolts all in the same place. You can either store them all together in a “junk jar” or use several jars and organise by item, size and so on. 

28. Take smoothies on road 

It’s really trendy to serve smoothies in glass jars but it can also be really practical. Fancy a liquid delight for breakfast but need to be out the door ASAP? Pour your delicious concoction into a glass jar, secure the lid and go.
Depending on the ingredients, you could even make your smoothie the night before, making your morning even easier. 

smoothie in glass jar,
It’s really trendy to serve smoothies in glass jars but it can also be really practical


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