7 Common Backyard Problems Solved

From invasive plants and bare patches in the lawn to a rotten fence post, your garden issues are sorted.

When it comes to garden solutions, there’s no substitute for hands-on experience. So we asked the experts to share their solutions to Handyman readers’ outdoor problems.

1. Bare patches in the lawn
1. Bare patches in the lawn

PROBLEM: ‘I spilled fertiliser and killed a patch of grass. So I reseeded, but nothing happened. When I laid turf over it, the turf died. What can I do?’

SOLUTION: It’s contaminated soil you’re up against, and this is a problem that’s easy to remedy. Turn the soil over, then dig deep and flip over clumps of soil. This buries the most contaminated top layer far down where the contaminants will dissipate before new roots grow. Flood the area with water for at least 15 minutes to drive the contaminants deeper, then you’re ready for seed or turf.

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