How To Cut A Kitchen Benchtop

In this DIY video, the kitchen experts at Kaboodle explain how to cut a kitchen benchtop

When renovating a kitchen or laundry, installing a brand new laminate or timber benchtop is an affordable solution that will improve the look of the room. It's also a job that anyone with intermediate DIY skills will be able to handle.

In this DIY video from Kaboodle, the kitchen experts show you how to cut and join timber and laminate benchtops.

The first step is to measure the total length of bencthop needed, and establish where any cuts and joins are required, based on the lengths available. Don't position joins where sinks or cooktops will be installed.

The next step is to make any 45 degree angle cuts that are required. Measure the width of the benchtop, then use this measurement to mark the 45 degree angle.

To avoid splintering, mask the top, underside and edge of the benchtops, then mark the cutting line. Adjust the depth of your saw so it's 10mm deeper than the width of the benctop.

Secure a straight edge to the benchtop, allowing for the offset of your circular saw. Cut the benchtop, keeping the baseplate against the straight edge, and start at the front of the benchtop to elimate any chipping.

Once the benchtop is cut, you can mark and drill the bore holes to attach the benchtop joiners that join the benchtop to the neighbouring section.

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