Choose The Right White Paint

Nothing says clean and fresh like a new coat of paint, but not all whites are created equal.

Choose The Right White Paint

There’s a full spectrum to choose from and a white to suit every taste and application.

The available natural light, decorating style and function of a space all impact on which white works best.

Natural light matters
Natural light matters
Handyman Magazine

Colours appear different at certain times of day, depending on which direction the light is coming from.

Interior designer and the LifeStyle Channel’s Selling Houses Australia host Shaynna Blaze, says this is the biggest factor in deciding on which white.

Says Shaynna, ‘You have to know how the light plays in the room to get the right white on the wall.

‘A white that looks great on the tin and going up on the wall can look completely different in strong morning or softer afternoon light.

‘This is when the undertone shows and it can be an unwelcome surprise if it wasn’t tested first.’

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