Clean the Barbecue

Keep your outdoor cooker in pristine condition so it’s always ready to be fired up.

Clean the Barbecue

There’s nothing worse than opening up the barbecue to find the hotplate and grill are still encrusted with the greasy remnants of last summer’s meals.

Barbies should be cleaned after every use and deep-cleaned yearly.

To thoroughly clean it, first disconnect the gas and remove the grill and hotplate, then lay them on newspaper. Spray with barbecue or oven cleaner and leave for 10 minutes.

Use a wire brush and scraper to remove the debris, rinse with a hose, then dry off. Apply a coating of cooking oil to protect against rust.

While the grill and hotplate are off, take the time to clean the inside and inspect the burners, removing any debris blocking the jets. Empty the drip tray and refill it with grease absorber to prevent flare-ups.

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Tools of the trade
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The best way to make sure the barbecue is always fit to cook on is to give it a quick clean after every meal, not before. Cleaning when the hotplate is warm makes it easier to remove grime and helps maximise the life of your barbie.

Scrape the hotplate

After the barbecue has been switched off, use a scraper to remove fat and food particles from the hotplate. Scrub with a wire brush and warm soapy water to remove as much residue as possible, then dry with paper towel and spray with vegetable oil.

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