Create A Weathered Wall

Create a similar effect to this ageing rendered wall in just a weekend 

Create A Weathered Wall

Create a weathered wall in your garden. Image: Thinkstock 

Create the look of an ancient European villa with this weathered paint effect for rendered walls.

To create the gradient undercoat, apply a grey base coat to the entire wall using a roller and let it dry. 

Divide the wall into five horizontal sections and dab the top section with blue water-based paint using a brush.

Use a damp sponge to smudge the paint across the wall then push it down into the next section.

Repeat for each section with less paint than the last, leaving the lower section unpainted.

Once the paint has dried, rub the wall with a wax candle in large patches where you would like the gradient to show through.

Apply yellow acrylic paint using a roller and let it dry. Lightly sand the waxed areas with 400 grit paper until the top coat flakes off.

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Create A Weathered Wall

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