DIY Foot Wash

  • DIY Foot Wash

Tired of sand being trekked through the house whenever the kids come home from the beach?

A traditional foot wash is the solution. It takes about 20 minutes to make and costs next to nothing. You’ll need two 400 x 70 x 22mm and two 356 x 70 x 22mm lengths of treated pine, eight 50mm x 8g screws and suitable river stones.

Build the frame, then position it on the grass near an outdoor tap and fill it with the stones.

If there are no taps on the way into the house, keep a hose nearby so the foot wash will be the first port of call after a trip to the beach.

TIP It also doubles as a handy drainage slab under an outside tap.

Step 1. Cut sides to length

Use a mitresaw or handsaw to cut the four sides to length from an 1800mm piece of treated pine decking or similar timber. Treated pine or hardwood can be left natural, or if you prefer, it can be finished by applying two coats of a paint or stain suitable for exterior use

Step 2. Drill pilot holes

Use a 2mm combination countersink bit to drill two holes, 10mm from each end of the long sides, then sand all cut edges lightly to avoid getting bare feet spiked with splinters. Use a 2mm twist bit to drill corresponding pilot holes into the end grain of the short sides.

Step 3. Assemble the frame

Use a square drive bit and a cordless drill to drive 50mm x 8g stainless steel decking screws through the countersunk pilot holes into the ends of the short sides. Check the frame for square, then position it in a suitable location and fill with river stones.

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