A Guide To Lawn Edgers

Keep lawn edges looking sharp with this essential power tool

A Guide To Lawn Edgers

If you’ve got a lawn then it’s a sure bet that you will need some kind of edger. After all, the grass has to end somewhere!’ says Handyman contributor Adam Woodhams.
The choice of whether to buy a dedicated edging machine or simply make do with a line trimmer is largely based on how much of your lawn is bordered by hard surfaces.
If you have a lot of concrete paths crisscrossing your lawn, or formal lines of pavers enclosing the grass, a power edger will get rid of unsightly runners encroaching on the hard surfaces quickly and easily.
Both petrol and electric edgers usually feature a depth control and guide wheels for ease of operation. For small areas, an ordinary manual edger may be the best plan.

Using A Trimmer As An Edger
Using A Trimmer As An Edger
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If your lawn is bordered by both walls and paving, it may be worth buying a line trimmer with a pivoting head that doubles up as an edger as well.
Some models also feature an edge guide and support wheel on the cowl. These allow the trimmer to be used in almost exactly the same way as a dedicated edger, with the main compromise being less precise control over cut depth.
If you have a petrol line trimmer or brush cutter with a split shaft, you can take adaptability to the next level by connecting the motor end to a dedicated edger attachment.
It’s less costly than buying two tools and also saves on storage space.


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