How To Check A Deck Frame

Look below the surface to ensure the structural elements of your deck is in good shape

How To Check A Deck Frame

Dangerous structural problems can be hidden beneath healthy boards.

Look below the surface to ensure the structural elements of your deck, including joists, bearers and posts, are in good shape.

Replacing a joist or bearer can be difficult, but a solid framework is essential to keep a deck safe.

EXAMINE THE JOISTS to make sure they are solidly seated in the hangers. Check the ledger is attached firmly to the walland make sure that there is no movement in the bearers or posts.

CHECK THE POSTS are plumb and secure with extra bracing, if needed.

REPAIR THE HANDRAILS if there is any sign of rot, and tighten wires on balustrades that have slackened.

REPLACE ANY FASTENERS securing the decking boards to the joists if they have corroded or worked loose.   

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How To Check A Deck Frame

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