How To Hang Wallpaper In The Bedroom

Use the latest generation of easy-to-put-up wallpaper to give a room an instant facelift.

How To Hang Wallpaper In The Bedroom

The true test of a marriage, it’s been said, is whether a couple can survive hanging wallpaper together. But with the new generation of easy-to-apply products available, your relationship is now safe!
Struggling with heavy, wet and sticky rolls is a thing of the past, as new wallpaper products allow you to apply paste directly to the wall, making papering an easy two-person job.
When you want to redecorate, the wallpaper can be easily removed.

1. Picking a pattern
1. Picking a pattern
Chris L Jones

Wallpaper patterns reflect the personality of the room’s owner.

When choosing a design, take your time and hang up samples to see if you can live with the pattern.

Trend-wise, dull paisley designs are out while bold shapes and botanical patterns are in.

For a subtle effect, choose a small geometric design and for more impact, go with a larger pattern.

For a modern take on a classic style, we’ve used a metallic damask pattern in this bedroom.

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