Paint Like A Pro

Learn how to use a paint brush, foam roller and spray gun like a professional.

Paint Like A Pro

The right equipment makes all the difference for a professional result when painting a room.

Large areas are more easily covered with rollers or spray applicators, while brushes are best around edges and on corners, trim and woodwork.

Order of application
Order of application

Finish one wall at a time to prevent streaks. When taking a break, clean brushes and rollers or cover in plastic.

1. START AT THE TOP and use a brush to paint cornices or where the ceiling meets the wall. Paint the ceiling witha roller starting away from the main window and working towards the light to avoid painting in shadow.

2. PAINT THE WALLS starting at the edges and doing all the corners with a brush. Then use a roller, beginning from the top of the wall in square-metre sections and lapping into the wet edge of the previous one.

TIP You can cover about two walls an hour with a roller, taking less than a day to paint the ceiling and walls.

3. PAINT THE TRIM using a brush. Work along the skirting boards, then do the door and the window frames.

Apply a strip of low-tack masking tape along the wall and use a trim cutter for a clean line.

Put masking tape on the floor along the trim to cut a line across the base of the skirting.

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